I was recently asked this question and realized it’s probably a question many people would like to have answered. Some health “experts” say avoid them at all cost and some say that we need grains to be healthy. In my professional opinion, there is no single correct answer that applies to everyone. However, when it comes to eating grains, I do have three major concerns. This article will help you decide if grains are right for you. Continue Reading »

Recently I took up practicing Qi Gong for general mind/body health. The first session was based solely on standing in the correct posture. After experiencing this, I realized that if I adhere to just one of the postural principles on a regular basis, I’ll dramatically reduce my chance of having “bad” knees later in life. You can do the same. Continue Reading »

Not long ago, I wrote an article discussing the pros and cons of certain detox regimens. Sometimes, however, it’s not worth the effort because it can be detrimental to detox. To learn why it may not be worth the effort and may potentially do more harm than good, continue reading… Continue Reading »

Patients don’t often ask me this question, probably because they don’t want to know the answer. The answer to this question isn’t always a “no,” however. There are certain foods/drinks on my “do not eat/drink list,” but coffee (and caffeinated tea) isn’t on it. Caffeine consumption is definitely individualized as it pertains to being a health benefit or detriment. So how can you filter through the glut of media attention and scientific studies regarding these substances? It’s really quite simple. Continue Reading »

Most things in life require that you begin with the basics. For instance, you crawl before you walk and learn simple math before algebra. The same applies to your health. The media is constantly flooding us with the latest and greatest superfoods, fat burners, diets, and cure-alls; however, these over-hyped, supposed panaceas are practically useless without having certain basic nutritional needs covered. It’s almost impossible to address any health concerns without addressing the basics, and when patients have just three nutritional needs covered, they do great! No matter what health condition a person suffers from, these three nutritional foundations are paramount in healing, and keeping the body healthy. Continue Reading »

I’m sure you’ve heard this from your doctor regarding your blood tests. And hopefully he or she is correct. What does “good” actually mean, though? What do most doctors look for on a blood test? If your doctor is like most, he/she is looking for pathology or disease on your blood tests. Fortunately, most of you don’t have a diagnosable disease or condition, so your lab results will likely fall into the lab’s ranges of normal, and your doctor might say, “Everything looks good!”

Here’s why I look at blood tests beyond the ranges of  “normal.” Continue Reading »

The adrenal glands get a lot of attention these days. The terms “adrenal stress syndrome” and “adrenal fatigue” are common “diagnoses” given to patients by their alternative practitioners. Perhaps you’re even taking adrenal support supplements like ginseng, vitamin c, magnesium, b-complex, glandulars, etc. to help with adrenal dysfunction. Although the symptoms are wide-ranging and indeed troubling (including chronic fatigue, body aches and pain, mild depression, weight gain or loss, high or low blood pressure, light-headedness, hair thinning, sleep disturbances, and more), it is not necessarily “adrenal gland stress syndrome” that needs your attention, but the stresses that are causing the adrenals to wear out and dysfunction in the first place. If you find yourself reliant on “adrenal support” supplements for more than about 3 months, you may want to dig a little deeper. Continue Reading »


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