According to Chinese Medicine, spring is related to the wood element, which corresponds to the liver and gallbladder. Considering the liver and gallbladder are major detox organs; springtime is ideal for cleansing. Since you probably don’t want to embark on a 3-4 week regimen, here are several tips to help spring clean your body (and mind). Continue Reading »

The human body has four levels of health: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Most of my articles delve into the physical only. With the New Year upon us and 2014 coming to a close, I thought it best to talk a little about the other three levels. This article is simply a list of twenty-five questions to reflect upon. I also chose inspiring quotes to go with the questions. Continue Reading »

The holidays are upon us, and chances are some of you will choose to indulge this season. Keeping that in mind, I thought I’d offer a few tips to help you stay as healthy as possible while doing so. The usual indiscretions are alcohol, sugar and overeating. I’ve come up with some great strategies to help you handle these better so you can enjoy the holidays even more. Continue Reading »

You may have heard this expression related to people who are supposedly imagining their symptoms, or those considered to have emotional imbalances (often because the doctor doesn’t know the cause). However, sometimes the reason a patient’s symptoms are actually “all in their head.” I’m not referring to emotional issues though. I’m referring to one of the most overlooked parts of our body. When it comes to this area, there are three main concerns that can have a profound impact on one’s health. Continue Reading »

I was recently asked this question and realized it’s probably a question many people would like to have answered. Some health “experts” say avoid them at all cost and some say that we need grains to be healthy. In my professional opinion, there is no single correct answer that applies to everyone. However, when it comes to eating grains, I do have three major concerns. This article will help you decide if grains are right for you. Continue Reading »

Recently I took up practicing Qi Gong for general mind/body health. The first session was based solely on standing in the correct posture. After experiencing this, I realized that if I adhere to just one of the postural principles on a regular basis, I’ll dramatically reduce my chance of having “bad” knees later in life. You can do the same. Continue Reading »

Not long ago, I wrote an article discussing the pros and cons of certain detox regimens. Sometimes, however, it’s not worth the effort because it can be detrimental to detox. To learn why it may not be worth the effort and may potentially do more harm than good, continue reading… Continue Reading »


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