I walked into Dr. Rob’s office with a laundry list of issues: lower back pain, occasional back spasms that would put me out of commission for days at a time, sore hips/neck/shoulders, digestive issues, acne, low energy, and insomnia.

With physical therapy exercises, regulating adrenal function and prescribing a quick dietary cleanse to reboot the system, all of these issues magically disappeared. He didn’t simply address problem areas – he assessed the entire body to determine the source of each issue. I’ve eliminated my monthly physical therapy, massage and acupuncture appointments, and now only visit him on my own cadence for “personal maintenance.

Beyond being a miracle worker, his humor, empathy and patience are unparalleled – I enjoy each appointment and always look forward to the next one.

Claire Smith
Editor Brooklyn, NY

I first came to Dr. D’Aquila after a car accident. I came on the recommendation of a friend, almost reluctantly — I admit that I was one of those people who totally mistrusted chiropractors. Dr. D’Aquila’s methodology, however, has totally changed my opinion. He uses chiropractic and applied kinesiology, in concert with several other methods, to listen to the body itself, following the principles that the body knows how to correct itself, if given the proper opportunity. Not only was Dr. D’Aquila able to help mend several problems cause by the accident, which the orthopedist had basically written off, but he immediately located some nutritional and mineral imbalances that were also affecting my health. Seeing Dr. D’Aquila has turned into a fascinating journey in which we have discovered and addressed, together, some of the foundational problems that are affecting my health, not only physical but, to my surprise, mental and emotional, too. It has proved a revolutionary approach for me and has allowed greater health to happen naturally, from within. I recommend him to almost every single friend of mine who voices a complaint about their health, whether serious or minor.

Brook Pridemore
Song and dance man, Brooklyn, NY

I’m an active guy. My music has me on the road 200 plus days a year, so energy has to be high in supply. The necessity for high energy has led me to stop or curb my personal use of most chemicals typical to a “rock n’ roll” lifestyle already, so you can guess how dedicated I am to keeping myself in fighting mode.

In October of 2009, I started experiencing numerous, seemingly unrelated, symptoms like chest pains, uncontrollable shaking, oral bleeding and extreme fatigue-needing up to 20 hours of sleep a day, just to function. Not knowing what to do, and with a full year of music work on my horizon, I called Dr. D’Aquila.

Through a battery of tests, trial and error and patience, Dr. Rob and I gleaned that my problems were rooted in nutrition (and not the chronic illnesses I’d self-diagnosed). Within a week, I was feeling a marked improvement in my energy, and within the first month, the symptoms that brought me to Dr. Rob in the first place had all but disappeared.

I don’t know where I’d be right now without Dr. Rob’s knowledge and willingness to experiment. Thank you.

Dominique Morisseau
Actor, director and writer

“After reading everyone else’s testimonials, I almost feel there is nothing left to say. I found myself verbally agreeing “yes” and “me too!” and “I feel the same way!”. This alone is a testament of Dr. Rob’s effectiveness as a practitioner and a healer.”

“I first went to see Dr. Rob for a wrist and thumb pain that was recurring. Within the first appointment, I knew I was going to be able to trust him. Often when I go to doctors and chiropractors, I feel rushed and mishandled, as if I am simply a number or a time slot in an appointment book and nothing more. Quick easy fixes are all these other practitioners are concerned about, and I am usually left feeling unclear and uncared for, and most importantly- unhealed.”

“Dr. Rob is a breath of fresh air. He is remarkably kind and considerate. He asks loads of important questions, and listens to your answers. He teaches as he works. Not only did his technique fascinate me, I found it extremely effective in identifying things that were helpful and harmful to my body, and as a result- I have made a lot of important changes in my diet and in my behaviors. My wrist and thumb felt better after the first visit. And as I saw him more and more, I found the pain to be less and less apparent. I also discovered urgent things about my digestive system that effect other areas of my body. I feel that I am now in the driver’s seat with my health, and as a result of working with Dr. Rob, I understand my body more.”

“Every time I leave Dr. Rob’s office, I feel better, both physically and mentally. I feel myself being healed!”

Liz Latona
Art Teacher and Artist, NYC

“I started going to Dr. Rob from the suggestion of my best friend who was seeing him after a car accident. I was having pain in my upper back that would come and go. It was starting to interfere with my day to day activities and needed attention. After a few sessions with Dr. Rob the pain disappeared. More importantly, I was able to focus on my entire body and have ongoing treatment that has truly changed my life. I discovered many aspects of my health that needed adjusting. With the guidance of Dr. Rob I have increased energy, more focus, flexibility and even a whole new way I emotionally respond to situations that were, at one time, manifesting within my body. His approach involves many different practices, not just basic chiropractic treatments and adjusting, that I believe aid in the success of his treatment. I have never in my life had a doctor who is so truly and fully dedicated to the overall health and recovery of his patients.”

Monica Vela
New York, NY

“I first went to see Dr. Rob for a recurring knee issue. On a few occasions, after long bouts of intense activity, my left knee would not bend. And it would hurt…a lot.

He had been recommended to me by a few aerialist friends. They are always hurting themselves in funny ways, and Dr. Rob always fixes it.

Dr. Rob did a thorough muscle test examination, explaining as he did exactly what he was doing and why. He determined that my knee problem was in my left quad, and set to getting it working again.

In the meantime, he also found that I had a number of different issues going on. My blood sugar was out of balance, I was somewhat anemic, and my fingernails had no moons!

He immediately made some dietary recommendations, which I followed as much as I could. After a few sessions, he also recommended supplements. I put my faith in him and did as I was told.

After only three months I have seen incredible results. My knee was fine after a few weeks. I have been dancing, hiking, and biking more than ever. More importantly, I’m not experiencing the intense fatigue that used to hit me every day. My skin is clearer, my hair looks thicker, and I’ve lost 15 pounds. I feel great, and I can’t thank him enough. P.S. He’s also really nice!”

Ashley Bontorno
Actress & Assistant Registrar, The School of American Ballet, Saratoga Springs, NY

“I luckily found myself under Dr. Rob’s care for the first time as I was recovering from the effects of car accident. Having had a lot of very positive experiences with different AK doctors, I entered his office tentatively, not sure that he could provide the same quality of treatment I’d previously received from doctors with decades of practice behind them. To my utter delight and astonishment, I found that Dr. Rob not only had the extensive knowledge I was used to but he was a very intuitive and able practitioner as well.

My continued care under Dr. Rob has been a wonderful experience, for he truly listens to what I tell him about myself and uses my understanding of my own self to enhance in his assessments of my body. He continually spends great lengths of time with me in taking care of all of my complaints and questions which I’ve never had a doctor do before.Due to his thorough nature of treatment, not only are my immmediate injuries taken care of, but also longterm problems and imbalances that I’ve been struggling with have been addressed and treated. Dr. Rob helped me discover that a supplement I’d been taking was actually harming me and we found one that I could take. He also helped me identify a number of foods that had been unknowingly making me sick for some time.

I am grateful to know that as his patient, I will always be seen if I need to. There have been a number of days when Dr. Rob made time for me to come in last minute. The times when I have sprained an ankle or taken a fall, it’s invaluable for me to know that I have a doctor who cares and who will be there.”

Natalie Ramsey
New York, NY

“Originally, I was referred to Dr. Rob for piercing mid back and neck pain, but he has helped me with so much more that just that. All of my life, I’ve struggled with digestive issues. As a child, I was tested for food allergies and given multiple gastrointestinal tests in an attempt to get to the bottom of my abdominal discomfort and occasional debilitating pain. I had learned to live with these symptoms, as we never found a definite cause. Since the first few appointments with Dr. Rob, he has not only helped me with my mid back and neck pain, but my knee pain after walking distances is no longer an issue, my abdominal bloating, chronic diarrhea and discomfort has gone away and I’ve lost about 12 lbs because I’m working out regularly now that the pain isn’t an issue. I haven’t felt this healthy in years. I now go to Dr. Rob and tell him about every little problem because I strongly believe in his ability to view the body holistically and to address the root, instead of the branching symptoms. He may be a chiropractor, but he has tremendously improved my general health and I’ll turn to him first with aches and pains in the future. I feel this has been a better investment of money than anything else I could’ve been spending it on lately ? Thanks Dr. Rob!”

Penney Henry
Brooklyn, NY

“I met Dr. Rob about 3 years ago at a work health fair, after speaking to him I made my appt for the next day and I never left.
Dr. Rob has helped me get rid of a life long back and foot pain that I thought would never go away. thanks to Dr. Rob I can wear heels, sandals pain free.”

“Dr. Rob has the great ability to listen to you and no matter how crazy the symptom is he takes you seriously and makes you feel that you matter. I have called Dr. Rob on many occasions and he never fails, he makes himself available and will take his time with you, you never feel rushed, and he never looks at his watch. Dr. Rob has the great ability to connect with you and he knows …he just knows where to tune in.. he is like the “people whisperer”.”

“I have sent friends and family to see him and they all say the same thing..” how did he know that”…”or he touched my arm and my leg felt better”.” I trust Dr. Rob with my health and will see him in addition to my ob/gyn and my pcp. They all know about Dr. Rob. When I see my regular doctor he knows my second opinion is always Dr.Rob.”

“Dr. Rob I cannot thank you enough for being one of the few people who love what they do and do it so well. Thank you for your dedication to healing the body & the soul…..naturally.”

Jordann Baker
Aerial Acrobat and Instructor, Brooklyn, NY

“I am a professional aerial acrobat. During a performance in 2006, I dislocated both of my shoulders and did severe damage to my muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Immediately after the injury, I saw a doctor at a well known orthopedic and joint clinic and was prescribed rest and 3 months of physical therapy. After completing the physical therapy and returning to training, my shoulders were still not functioning properly and I faced a huge roadblock to return to the training and career that I so loved. At this time, I had a few back troubles going on as well, and followed a referral to Dr. Rob’s office. I’m so glad I did!”

“Dr. Rob was able to treat my shoulders and return them to their proper function in a short while (significant improvement in just one month), in ways that the conventional physical therapy could not. Dr. Rob’s treatment enabled my muscles to once again fire properly, my ligaments to heal, and the troublesome scar tissue to clear away. My shoulders became strong again and I was able to return to training full-time. As you can imagine, being an aerial acrobat is pretty tough on one’s body. Dr. Rob has been invaluable in my life and has helped me to keep my body ready for all of the physical demands that I ask of it. Over the last few years, he has healed various muscle strains, nerve impingements, and lower back and neck disc problems, in addition to teaching me how to support my body nutritionally.”

“Dr. Rob’s holistic approach to health and healing has made a profound impact on my life. My training used to leave me a complete wreck – I was constantly fatigued and unable to recover physically. Through gradual changes, Dr. Rob has helped me change my diet to support my lifestyle. I am so much stronger overall and energetic than I used to be, and I can’t imagine going back to my old eating habits! Now I know how to take care of my body so that my body will take care of me. Dr. Rob’s extensive knowledge of the body as a whole and his abilities as a healer are unmatched by any other chiropractor or doctor that I’ve seen – and I’ve seen quite a few! I am so thankful to have Dr. Rob in my life.”

Lena Armstrong-Strober
Actor, Aerialist & Dancer, Brooklyn, NY

“I highly recommend Dr. Rob to all my friends dealing with any of kind of physical injury. Because he looks at the “whole” rather than concentrating solely on the specific, he helps to eliminate further complications. I first started seeing Dr. Rob about 3 years ago for a shoulder injury that left me unable to lift my arm and virtually left it useless. As an aerialist/dancer this made everything I did almost impossible, not to mention extremely painful. I was so happy with the results that I continued to see him anytime I had an issue with my body. I can’t stress how great Dr. Rob is and strongly encourage everyone to try his treatment for themselves.”

Anya Sapozhnikova
Aerial Acrobat, Director of the House of Yes & Costume Designer, Brooklyn, NY

“Being an aerial acrobat in New York City is probably one of the best ways to put the most stress on your body as possible. Not only are you putting your body through the grinder physically while training everyday, you also have to subject yourself to the triple-booked Saturday nights: air conditioned dressing room to sweltering hot clubs, to 3 redbulls and pizza diet in the middle of the night, to no place to stretch properly, etc etc.”

“No matter how diligent one is about taking care of their body, (which I’m not) it’s still nearly impossible to not deliberately do awful things to yourself on the regular.”

“On top of this, I’m extremely skeptical of alternative medicine, and wouldn’t have time for it anyways.”

“Dr. Robert D’Aquila is the only exception. He’s fixed every single problem I’ve ever had in a matter of an hour. You literally go from not being able to walk or move your neck to feeling your body healing. You go from being completely frustrated with your body for being injured and letting you down to being able to heal through opening up some sort of communication between your muscles, tendons, bones, and your brain – and this is coming from a skeptical person!”

“I don’t think I would be able to have this career, that I love more than anything in the world, without having Dr. Rob as my doctor. I would have fallen apart and given up a few years ago.”

Anya Sapozhnikova
Aerial Acrobat, Director of the House of Yes & Costume Designer, Brooklyn, NY