I’ll assume by now that you realize eating pesticides on fruits and vegetables can be harmful to your health. There’s plenty of research you can find on the internet explaining the dangers if you’re not convinced.

That said, it can be pricey and sometimes not even possible to get organically-grown fruits and veggies. Fortunately, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) tests pesticide levels on over 50 fruits and veggies every year. The list for 2017 is out now. With this list you can now make better informed choices on which fruits and veggies are best to choose when organic isn’t an option.

The EWG calls those foods with the MOST pesticide residue the “Dirty Dozen”. The list below is in order from most to least:

Strawberries Spinach Nectarines Apples Peaches Pears Cherries Grapes Celery Tomatoes Sweet Bell Peppers Potatoes

The foods tested with the LEAST pesticide residue are the “Clean Fifteen”. The list below is in order from least to most.

Sweet Corn* Avocados Pineapple Cabbage Onions Sweet peas (frozen) Papayas* Asparagus Mangos Eggplant Honeydew Melon Kiwi Cantaloupe Cauliflower Grapefruit

Sweet corn and papayas are marked with an asterisk because according to the EWG, they may be grown from genetically-modified seeds.

If you want to read the entire list of 51 foods tested, click here.

Dr. Rob D’Aquila – NYC Chiropractor – Diplomate and board-certified teacher of the International College of Applied Kinesiology – Member of the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation – Associates Degree in Homeopathy



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