Anti-aging sounds like an oxymoron.  I look at it as basically being able to regenerate optimally.  That said, one can certainly reverse signs of aging that have set in due to poor lifestyle habits, hence “anti-aging”.  Our “biological” age can be more important than our chronological age.  Wouldn’t you rather look and feel 10 years younger than you are?  The following 10 tips are in no particular order.  Remember, there are no magic bullets!

1 – Drink optimal amounts of PURE, CLEAN water! If you haven’t read my articles on this yet, click here – I don’t want to overstate the point.

2 – STOP eating sugar AND starches! Any type of sugar will wreak havoc on your body.  This includes: refined white sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, date sugar, beet sugar, evaporated cane juice, concentrated white grape juice, corn syrup, fructose, turbinado sugar, sucanat and more…let’s stop there for now.  Well, don’t forget foods with sugar in them like: pies, cakes, cookies, candy, ice cream, soda, doughnuts, brownies, etc..  The list of problems that sugar causes or contributes to is mind-boggling extensive.  I’ll be posting 76 reasons to avoid eating it soon.  OK, some more – I’d also stop eating refined honey, agave nectar, evaporated cane juice, and many more devils in disguise.  It’s impossible to overstate this point!!!  By the way, artificial sweeteners can (and often are) worse for the body.  More on that another time.  One more thing – don’t go binging on fruit now. Starches are basically processed in your body the same as sugar, and therefore have the same detrimental effect.  They include bread (even 99-grain), pasta (even supposed whole-grain), rice (even brown, though some people are OK with it), and potatoes (especially white).

3 – Detoxify your digestive tract! This is one of the biggest causes of systemic toxicity that can affect any area of your body and cause premature aging and degenerative diseases.  The most common problems I see are an overgrowth of yeast, bacteria, viruses, and/or parasites.

4 – Eat your GREENS! Green vegetables are by far the healthiest you can eat.  Especially dark green, leafy vegetables.  Several good ones are kale, collards, dandelion, and swiss chard.  Greens are loaded with chlorophyll, the “life blood” of the plant, and pigment that gives them their green color.  Human blood gets its red color from the molecule hemoglobin, which allows blood the ability to carry oxygen.  Interestingly, the chlorophyll molecule in plants and the “heme” portion of the hemoglobin molecule in humans are almost identical.  The similarity rests in what’s called porphyrn, a ring of of atoms.  Chlorophyll contains magnesium in the center of the ring and hemoglobin contains iron.  Thus, chlorophyll is known to be an excellent blood builder and purifier.

5 – JUICE your vegetables! Juicing is one of the best ways to flood your body with antioxidants and vital nutrients.  What makes juicing more powerful than eating vegetables is the efficient absorption, and the live enzymes because of their raw state.  Of course, eat your veggies too.  Just don’t drink too much green juice in one sitting, trust me on this.

6 – Exercise! Some individuals need more aerobic exercise (constant and steady – e.g.: jogging, swimming, etc.) than anaerobic exercise (quick bursts – e.g.: weight training, sprinting, etc.).  Your applied kinesiologist can determine which is more necessary, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to do both.  At least 30 minutes every day would be ideal.  Yes, you can over-exercise, I see it all the time – and it’s harmful.

7 – Restrict you caloric intake! There are probably hundreds of studies that have shown eating less (more likely, not overeating), will extend your life span.  The mechanism(s) is not fully known.  I would speculate that it has to do with controlling insulin levels, lessening the load on your liver, and preventing your gut from becoming toxic due to undigested, fermenting, and putrefying food.  Remember, you still have to get an optimal amount of nutrients; just do it with more nutrient-dense whole foods.

8 – Take dietary supplements! This will ensure that you are taking in necessary nutrients that you may be missing from your diet, for any number of reasons.  Ideally, you will want your applied kinesiologist to determine the exact supplements you require most.  It is much better than a “shotgun” approach.  However, if you’re going to “shotgun” it, read my article on supplements by clicking here.

9 – Get adequate amounts of sleep! This is of prime importance!  When you sleep, your body regenerates.  If you are not regenerating – there will nothing to prevent you from degenerating.  The necessary amount of sleep will vary by individual, but go for a MINIMUM of 8 hours each night.  There is more to know about sleep beyond the scope of this article.  Let’s get the amount of time down first.

10 – Laugh! A study in Norway showed that subjects who found the world most funny were 35% less likely to die during the time the study was run.  Also, people in the study with cancer were 70 times more likely to survive until the end of the study.  Regardless, get some funny movies (with/or without) friends and try it!

Age – doesn’t matter

Health is what you do for your body minus what you do to your body – a quote from one of my mentors that appears to reign true


Dr. Robert D’Aquila – NYC Chiropractor – Applied Kinesiology

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